Chair Size Guide

AKRacing’s gaming chairs come in multiple sizes, choosing the chair that is best suited to your body will give you the most out of the chair. The measurements are approximate and should only be used as a guide.


Chair/Product Name California K7 Overture Obsidian Octane Premium V2  Player Pro x Max
A. Shoulder Width 530mm 540mm  567mm 555mm 540mm 575mm 600mm 600mm 615mm
B. Full Width 700mm 705mm 680mm 695mm 705mm 705mm 710mm 750mm 745mm
C. Arm Rest Height 290-350mm 278-348mm 295-365mm 298-372mm 278-348mm 298-372mm 300-370mm 298-372mm 315-385mm
D. Floor To Seat Height 350-430mm 330-420mm 360-440mm 355-445mm 450-530mm 365-425mm 365-445mm 345-415mm 385-450mm
E: Seat Inner Width 390mm 385mm 390mm 550mm 400mm 395mm 380mm 430mm 585mm
F: Seat Base Cushion Width 105mm 105mm 105mm 115mm 105mm 110mm 120mm 135mm 125mm
G: Overall Height 1200-1290mm 1235-1315mm 1285-1375mm 1265-1350mm 1220-1320mm 1300-1365mm 1295-1375mm 1285-1350mm 1305-1370mm
H: Overall Seat Depth 460mm 490mm 510mm 505mm 490mm 500mm 490mm 550mm 520mm
I: Overall Back Height 850mm 845mm 865mm 870mm 870mm 865mm 870mm 870mm 875mm
J: Recline Angle 100°  100°  100°  100°  100°  100°  100°  100°  100° 
Height Guide Up to 175cm Up to 190cm  190cm+ 190cm+ 190cm+ 190cm+ 190cm+ Up to 190cm  190cm+
Maximum Weight 150kg 150kg 150kg 150kg 150kg 150kg 150kg 150kg 180kg
Armrest Type 3D 2D 2D 4D 2D 3D 2D 3D 4D
Chair Material PU Leather  Cloth PU Leather  PU Leather  PU Leather PU Leather  PU Leather  PU Leather  PU Leather 
Size Guide Small Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Large X-Large